Cleaning Hooves

Cleaning hooves can be done quickly and easily using and minimal effort.  This is the quickest way I have found to clean hooves. It takes literally minutes!

Most of the time it is not necessary to clean the outside hoof wall. They tend to get clean with a little extra scrubbing when giving a horse a bath. But what about those times that you need to clean the outer hoof wall to apply medication or hoof oil. Anything that you apply to a horse’s hoof that needs to soak into the hoof needs a clean hoof to start with. Or what about that late night getting ready for a show. It’s late. It’s dark out. Your tired. You still have tack to clean. You get the picture! This tip is a time saver and back saver!

After one muddy season after another, you may just want to see what color your horse’s feet really are! Can you remember which one is the white foot? Or has stripes? Could you recognize your horse if you had only his feet to look at? The color variation in horse’s hooves are as individual as their coat and color patterns and their personalities.

Items Needed:
Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover
Stiff Brush
Small bucket
Water for rinsing

Lightly spray the outer hoof wall of each foot with Cowboy Magic’s Green Spot Remover just enough that you wet the dirt on the hoof. You don’t have to go overboard on the spraying. Use just enough to wet the dirt. You don’t have to clean the hoof off first either, but you can if you want to. By the time you finish wetting the last hoof you can brush off the one you started with.  Brush off the dirt with the stiff brush, rinse with clear water and you are done. Wipe dry if you feel the need to or to apply medication or hoof oil.

Try it! Be ready to amaze your stable mates or competitors at your next show!