Author: Ellen

When to Blanket Your Horse

When to blanket your horse or not is a dependent on several factors.  The most common reasons for blanketing your horse are the age and condition of the horse, how often you work your horse during cold months, and personal…

Cleaning Hooves

Cleaning hooves can be done quickly and easily using Cowboy Magic’s Green Spot Remover and minimal effort. This is the quickest way I have found to clean hooves. It takes literally minutes!

Proper Fitting Equipment and Clothing

Proper fitting equipment and clothing are essential for working safely around horses for the safety of the horse as well as the rider. Here are several tips to safeguard you and your horse.

A Cure For Cribbing

A cure for cribbing is available for horse owners who are prepared to spend some time educating themselves and working with their horses to clear the problem. Cribbing is a problem. Horses that crib affect their health, damage property, and generally drive everyone crazy. People don’t like to see a horse crib.

Caring For Your Horse

Caring for your horse is a labor a love. A lot goes into the care of a horse. The three main areas of horse care are feeding, shelter, and exercise. Each of these areas has an entire industry to support…