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For Horse Care is devoted to offering useful information for enhancing life with our horses and ponies. Whether we strive to provide them with a healthier environment or to deepen our understanding of and bond with them, anything we can do to make their lives easier and happier enhances all of our well being.

Horses provide us with a very clear mirror of who we are. They meet us where we are and respond in the moment to how we feel and respond to the world around us in that moment. They seemingly read our minds and know what we are thinking before we are aware of it. They connect with us very easily. Reading our emotions is easy and natural to them. They are intimately connected to the world around them. We are a part of that world. That is why when working with and around horses it is important to leave our stresses and every day emotional baggage in the car and not bring it into the barn.

The role that horses have played in the lives of people through the centuries has been and continues to be a supportive one. They lend their size and wisdom to whatever task we present them with, whether that is for transportation, carrying a soldier into battle or opening up an individual’s world with therapeutic riding programs. Horses work best as our partners in a variety of ways regardless of whether that is for work or pleasure.

Horses can be our greatest teachers if we are open to them. They can heal the deepest spiritual wounds when we allow it. They often speak in whispers yet have no qualms at stomping on a few toes for the distracted or unaware. Horses are here to assist us with opening our hearts and reconnecting with the universal consciousness of divine love. Once you have felt the essence of their spirit, life is not the same without them.

About Ellen

Ellen Brockway is an author, healer, and transition facilitator for horse and pet owners facing financial challenges intent on keeping the things they love in their life. With a passion for what makes things tick and a reputation for being unflappable, she used the strategies she learned on her own inner journey to fall in love with her life again, discover lasting inner peace, and keep her animals in her life.

Backed by twenty plus years of business systems consulting and process analysis experience assisting mid-market corporations in multiple industries, Ellen developed “Your Personal Treasure M.A.P.-C.P.R. for Succe$$™ to get unstuck and turn her own life around. Her programs include money management basics, practicing peace in daily living, and assistance identifying and clearing beliefs and fears that suck the joy out of life.

Ellen’s clients say she can see the forest and the trees, guiding them to see the big picture beyond present moment challenges. She enables them to have more confidence, make better decisions, and have more enjoyment in life. She enjoys helping people help themselves to a happier, healthier, easier life.

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Love, Peace, & Happiness!
Ellen Brockway and the For Horse Care Team